Hunn Innovative Listing Services

List with Me, Your Move is Free!

Hunn & Associates will help eliminate the stress of moving your personal property to your new residence. As soon as your home is in escrow, the “move out” stress increases by each hour as you approach your closing date. Hunn & Associates minimizes the anxiety of moving by having a professional moving company take care of your moving needs. We give you the peace of mind to reflect on the past and then prepare for your new exciting future!

*Please ask on details for all Innovative Listing Services

Keep it CLEAN!

During the listing timeframe, family members feel that they are a prisoner to cleanliness in their own home. A showing can come at any time thus puts pressure on the family to KEEP IT CLEAN! Hunn & Associates understands until your home is sold, the house is yours and you should live in it like you always have. Hunn & Associates will help provide a cleaning service for your home during the listing timeframe to help remove the “confinement” to cleanliness. A professional service will come weekly to tidy up the place so that you don’t have to!

Weekends are free!

During the listing timeframe be free from the choirs of yard work. Hunn & Associates knows that weekends are for FAMILY and not pulling weeds or mowing lawns. During the weekend showings of your home, take the time to get out and enjoy your time with the family. Hunn & Associates will have a professional Landscaping service tend to the needs of your yard. A professional gardener will give it the curb appeal your home deserves! Hunn & Associates never judges a book by its cover, but unfortunately home buyers do!

Staging for the future!

It is important to give your home the best possible presentation for prospective home buyers. Hunn & Associates works along with Professional Staging companies to give that one important room or area within the home the best 1st impression. Hunn & Associates will evaluate your home for the potential use to stage your home. Your most important investment deserves to be shown for all to appreciate.

*Hunn Innovative Listing Services are contingent on the listing timeframe and selling price. Innovative services are tailored to each clients marketing needs.

We solve problems

Listing your home is a personal and emotional decision for anyone. We know this and, solving problems in the home selling process is what we do!